How to get the most from your Fritz!box

Finding the best position for your fritz!box in your home will help you get the best coverage possible within your home. A lot of factors can determine the wifi coverage in your home, from construction; how thick the walls are, the amount of insulation, double or triple glazed windows all impact the signal transmitted from the router.  Did you know that microwaves, baby monitors, and bluetooth devices all impact the signal? Here are some tips to help you get the most from your fritz!box.

  •  Where possible, make sure your fritzbox is centrally located in the room
  • Try to ensure its not in the corner of the room
  • Make sure your fritz!box is not obstructed by other objects i.e. Furniture/Radiators
  • The higher up it can go the better to signal is emitted in all directions a shelf is a good location to place it.
  • The less obsiticales the better, plants, fridges, radiators all affect the strength of the sinal
  • Do not position the fritz!box beside microwaves, bluetooth or wireless speakers
  • Ensure all the software on the fritz!box is up to date
Westnet Fritz!box