Covid-19 Internet Suggestions

Covid-19 Internet Suggestions

This is mainly relevant to customers on our Fixed Wireless Services.Covid 19 Tips

🏠 Home Traffic Management – Try to manage Internet usage in the home. For example, if an important video call is in underway, it probably isn’t the best time for another user in the home to start watching Netflix. The bandwidth provided to your home is shared between all the devices in your house, another application can take valuable bandwidth that another application may require.

📺 Reducing Streaming Definition – Reduce the definition on your favourite streamed media sites to avoid them running in HD. Most applications are set to Auto definition, which means it will try to stream in the highest definition possible, higher definition requires more bandwidth which other users in your home may require. Some advice on how to do this can be found here:

👩‍🏫 Video Conferencing – If you are now working/schooling from home, you may be using Video calls, let us know if you are having issues with video conferencing there may be some tweaks we can make to enhance this service.

👩‍💼 Extra Wifi Coverage – If you find you are now working/schooling from home, the spare room may now have become a home office. If you find you are in a situation with poor wifi coverage in some areas of your home, then let us know, we can help out with boosters/range extenders.

If would like any further information on any of the above please contact us