From time to time you may find yourself, or members of your family, downloading large files. In particular the file size of games can be extremely large. Your download speed will dictate the length of time it takes for the file transfer to be completed as well as the impact on other users in your house. 

To illustrate the point you can find some approximate file transfer time examples below:


File Size2Mbps4Mbps100Mbps150Mbps300Mbps1Gbps
70GB87hrs43hrs1hr 45mins1hr 10mins35mins10mins

Rates shown are approximate, the actual interface will be slowed down by overhead (data requests, acknowledgements)

While a large download is underway the majority of the bandwidth will be consumed by the device doing the download. This can cause other devices connected to the same network to experience a slow intermittent connection as there is little bandwidth left for other users. This is especially a problem for 2Mbps and 4Mbps service packages.